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Automate Everyday with ArcShell

The ultimate automation development platform and run-time engine applications running on Unix or Linux.

Anyone can now script, test, and deploy solutions confidently in minutes.

Scripts can be configured, deployed, and executed on numerous targets with minimal effort.

Build solutions you need now using a language your team is already proficient in, Bash.

Incorporate scripts you already own then enhance their capability, portability, and maintainability.

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The Answer to “Why Bash?” and “Why ArcShell?”

Andy Chu worked at Google along side the the creator of the Python programming language, Guido Van Rossum. Andy’s resume is impressive. He created an open-source project called OilShell. It is worth the few minutes it takes to read his FAQ. In it he answers the question better than I ever could but I am in complete agreement. Andy states “Oil is taking shell seriously as programming language, rather than treating it as a test-based UI that can be abused to write programs.” Although we have taken different paths here the same is true for ArcShell.

Ethan Ray Post
Founder, Arclogic Software

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