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We love to automate, do you? We build a richly featured development platform for deploying scripted solutions within Linux and Unix environments. Our focus is monitoring, application administration, and automation of daily operations. We remove a lot of the complexity that typically surrounds solution development. This means normal operational users can use the platform to quickly develop and deploy solutions for the unique problem sets they face with minimal training.


Arclogic Software partners with companies, typically consultancies, and works closely with them to build solutions on the Arcshell platform. Through automation we help you increase the value, quality, and scope of the services you provide without additional resources. We enjoy working directly with customer teams tasked with promoting automation within the organization. We continually add new capabilities to the platform for your benefit. To learn more about Arcshell or the training and consulting services Arclogic Software provides, get in touch.



Ethan Ray Post (Founder/Developer)
(931) 450-8899 (LinkedIn)