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Why Arcshell?

Why the market needs Arcshell.


Each video linked here is about 10 minutes and explains each section below in more detail. We have done our best to eliminate buzzwords and provide concrete explanations of what Arcshell is and can do.

  1. The Advantages of Frameworks are Indisputable
  2. Script Portability and Extensibility
  3. Simplicity
  4. Conclusion

The Advantages of Frameworks are Indisputable

Frameworks empower developers by increasing productivity, reducing errors, and improving code reuse. Arcshell is a development framework that brings these advantages and more to your shell scripts. Shell scripts are powerful tools for automation but shell script developers have lacked the benefit of a solid development framework. Arcshell enables rapid development of automation and monitoring solutions by combining good programming methodologies with a widely known language.

Arcshell provides numerous libraries that simplify coding tasks. You write less code because we have written it for you. Arcshell is written to meet the needs of system operators and system administrators alike. It includes an easy to use unit test framework, documentation engine, debug library, and more.

Arcshell users can develop, document, deploy, maintain, improve, and re-deploy scripted solutions to targets using minimal resources. Scripted solutions with greater capabilities are written in less time, with greater ease, and fewer errors. Shortening the development life-cycle increases the rate and broadens the scope of solutions delivered to your organization.

Script Portability and Extensibility

Arcshell serves as a platform for sharing and re-using scripted assets developed by external third-parties or automating things like the deployment of other open source solutions across the enterprise. Arcshell enables employees with great ideas to turn those ideas into tangible assets that can be used and re-used by a broader audience.

Arcshell code is not compiled. You can read it, modify it, and add to it. Developers can modify and extend any code library. Arcshell users can submit their changes for permanent addition to the Arcshell code base.


Because Arcshell is written in shell, it can operate and provide sophisticated tooling within the most challenging environments. Arcshell can be deployed within organizations with the most severe restrictions and typically requires minimal approvals.

The only installation dependency for Arcshell is a shell (Bash or Korn). This is almost always already installed. The Arcshell code base running on the deployment node can be modified, packaged, and labeled for tiered deployments to your other environments (i.e. Development, Test, User Acceptance, Production) or your customers.

The scripts within Arcshell are hosted and deployed from a single deployment node. Arcshell is well documented using a simple documentation format and documentation parsing engine. Most solutions can be contained to a single file which stores the documentation, configuration parameters, code base, and unit tests. Keeping these items together means they are simpler to maintain.

Scripted Asset Accounting and Accountability

Scripted assets are quantifiable when they live within Arcshell. Scripts added to the repository can be subjected to some level of accountability such as documentation, unit tests, and ownership. These assets can then be subjected to peer review process or improved upon by others.


Arcshell can serve as a brand-able engine running your own custom solutions built using Arcshell. Arcshell is a perfect platform for any company that runs Linux on remote hardware and wants to easily build automation, update, and monitor capabilities.

Actively Maintained and Supported

There are a very small number of shell frameworks available. Almost all these projects are dead or contain incomplete feature sets. Arclogic Software is committed to the maintenance and the building out of the Arcshell. We are committed to providing bug fixes, support, training, and custom solution development to our customers.

Consultants Toolbox

Consultants working in customer environments operate with many restrictions regarding the tools they can use. Arcshell operates and provides sophisticated tooling within the most challenging of environments. Consultants equipped with Arcshell are more informed, have greater capabilities, and can exceed customer expectations.


Arcshell is easily the simplest architecture you can install and derive tangible value from within minutes. Arclogic Software is currently exploring possible partnerships, investment, and licensing opportunities. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Arcshell and the markets it can serve.

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