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What is Arcshell in layman's terms?

The simplest explanation of Arcshell which I can muster up.
This post explains Arcshell to the broadest audience possible. For those with more formidable backgrounds in technology, skim quickly.

1. a tool for automating server and application management tasks
2. a platform with more than 20 code libraries for developing, managing and deploying shell scripts
3. a code framework which applies modern programming methodologies to shell scripts

It is obvious that Arcshell does something to do with scripts.

Scripts are files containing a set of instructions that computers run. In short they are small programs. They are powerful because they automate things that humans would otherwise do manually. Writing scripts is fairly easy, so a lot of people write scripts. This is good because it results in numerous little tasks being automated that would otherwise be overlooked. This is also good because sometimes scripts are used instead of other expensive software solutions. This can save companies money. However many script writers lack formal programmer training and this results in some challenges.

* It is hard to tell what the scripts do. They lack good documentation.
* It is hard to know how many scripts there are. Poor accounting.
* They break when you try to move them from one computer to another. They are not portable.
* They don’t account for many conditions which will cause them to break or work incorrectly. They are unreliable.
* Common tasks, such as sending an email, are repeated from script to script with duplicate code. They contain redundancies.
* It is hard to build upon existing scripts by adding more powerful features. They are not extensible.
* Scripts don’t look alike. They lack consistency of look and feel.

In this state, scripts don’t scale well to meet the growing needs of IT organizations. Implementing standards and formal training would solve some of the problems above but Arcshell goes even further by providing the infrastructure and code needed to turn scripts into a more valuable type of asset for a company.

* Arcshell makes writing and maintaining documentation simpler.
* Arcshell is a single storage repository for your organization’s scripts. Good accounting.
* Scripts run reliably even if they are moved from one computer to another.
* Arcshell libraries contain many functions to help handle common conditions which often cause scripts to break.
* Arcshell reduces redundant code by providing rich libraries for frequently required features.
* Scripts are housed within a single repository. Scripts are more maintainable.
* Scripts re-use features which are provided with and developed within Arcshell.
* New features are easily added to the platform. It is extensible.
* Scripts gain consistency by using a common set of code libraries.

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