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Ethan Post

More about the founder of Arclogic Software.

Industry Experience

I am Ethan Post, the founder of Arclogic Software and developer of Arcshell. I have worked in IT enterprise services and outsourcing for more than twenty years. I have always been interested in developing automation and monitoring tools. I provided support for some of the largest companies in the world and understand corporate enterprise IT environments. I understand its challenges. I have always been recognized  as someone who could build leveragable solutions. I am not an outsider looking in trying to build a solution. I am an insider building a solution that is missing and deeply needed.

Technological Depth

I spent my career managing Oracle databases, working with SQL Server, Visual Basic, learning ASP, Python, PL/SQL, SQL, administering PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards OneWorld ERP applications and more. I have always loved technology. I try to study the best and brightest in each field of interest and make it my goal to learn from them. I love good tools and despise bad ones and there are clear differences. I write the good ones.

Subject Matter Experience

It is second nature for me to think about how to automate all of the tasks I work on. Automation is often more complicated than throwing together a script. It requires analysis of the environment, decision making, configuration parameters, and so on. Designing a system that can handle this and knowing the patterns and problems that arise within such a system takes years of experience. I have those years of experience. I have seen these patterns. I know the problems and have designed the solution.

Personally Invested

In August of 2016 I started Arclogic Software. I am pursuing my vision to build the tool I have always personally wanted. I have self funded this effort for over a year and have means to move forward for at least two more years. I care deeply about this product, believe in its potential and am committed to seeing it succeed.

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