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Arcshell: Automation, monitoring and solution delivery framework, written in shell.

Write your scripts once, run anywhere. Are your scripts "Dev/Ops" ready?

Build, test and deploy shell scripts with greater confidence.

Easily write alerts that integrate with popular tools.

Capture, document and retain your organization's unique operations knowledge.

Bash, ksh and posix compliant. Runs reliably on modern and legacy operating systems.

Arcshell handles locking, debugging, caching, sensors, documentation and more.


What is Arcshell?

Arcshell is a scripting framework which is bash and ksh compliant. It allows users to rapidly develop shell based solutions to complicated problems and then reliably deploy those solutions to the broadest range of Unix targets possible

Automated Unit Testing

Arcshell ships with unit tests and a library for creating your own unit tests. Archshell makes it easy to implement automated testing during the development lifecycle and to ensure that only tested code is ever deployed. This library is offered to the public for free, see our free tools page for more.


"A problem should never go undetected more than once."

Arcshell makes writing and deploying intelligent monitors that can take corrective actions simple. Arcshell comes with built in libraries for writing sensors, log file monitors,  and handling message routing and escalation. Arcshell is also designed to easily integrate with other alerting and monitoring tools.


Documentation Baked In

Here at Arclogic we understand keeping documentation current with the code base can be a unique challenge. Arcshell provides a minimalistic syntax for documenting your libraries. Documentation is automatically re-generated in Markdown style each time the library passes your unit testing or upon demand with a simple command.

Code Compilation

Arcshell scripted solutions often reference external functions from other built in libraries. Arcshell can compile all of the resources required to operate into a single file which can be delivered to a wide audience without the need to install Arcshell first. In fact, this is exactly how the free tools we provide are generated.

99.9% Shell

Arcshell brings programming paradigms to the dicipline of shell scripting and tries to stay away from requiring any additional programming language support. This means Arcshell will run on most modern and not so modern Unix hosts without any requirement to install other software.

Where can I get Arcshell?

Arcshell is currently in development and won’t be ready for general release until the end of the year (2017). However, Arclogic Software will be releasing individual modules and solutions on an ongoing basis between now and then. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow our YouTube channel for information about future releases.