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With ArcShell you can build powerful automation and monitoring solutions in Bash, a language you probably already know. 30+ modules make it easy to solve complicated problems. Reduce the time to build, test, deploy, and manage 100’s of scripts. ArcShell provides everything you need to start building awesome solutions!

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Just some of the features worth the price of admission.

#1 SSH Connection Management
The SSH connection manager is awesome. You can easily connect to any host using an easy to remember alias. You can set up groups. You can do things like mount .tar.gz files to remote directories on a single server or an entire group.
#2 Notification Groups
Get rid of hard coded email addresses in your scripts and start using notification groups. These groups make it easy to set up on-call rotations, supress or buffer messages, and avoid alert fatigue.
#3 Messaging

Once you have your notifcation groups set up replace your existing calls to “mailx” or “sendmail” with a call to “send_message”. This implements message routing using keywords and notification groups.

#4 Log File Monitoring

Ready to monitor some log files? We can show you how to set up a log file monitor and handler using our Log Monitoring module.

#5 Scheduling

Next we can show you how to set up automated log file and discovery. We will drop that script into one of our pre-defined schedules or create a new one. Then deploy to 1 or 1000’s of nodes.

#6 Alerting

Setting up a recurring notification (an alert) is simple with the Alerting module. It is easy to set up different alert properties for different hosts types or any other attribute you care to consider.

#7 Unit Testing

As you get more advanced and begin to write your own modules you will want to learn how to write testable code. We can help you with our unit testing framework. All of the code we develop ships with tests.

Automate Everyday!

ArcShell gives you numerous opportunities to automate every single day! You can now respond to incidents by building and deploying solutions that prevent the same kinds of incidents from occurring again or going unnoticed. Your solutions are rolled into the framework and are never lost or left undocumented. Fill out the form above to evaluate ArcShell for 30 days.

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